UNYP reception

Personal collection is the simplest and the ceapest form of handing over a package. On the day of placing your order, will be inform you by e-mail and you will then by able to pick up the package at the UNYP reception. The condition of this method of acceptance is payment in advance to our bank account.

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GLS Express delivery

Goods sent via the GLS Express Package service will be delivered within one working day of dispatch. At the time of shipment, information is delivered to you via SMS, including the package delivery number. You can ceck where your package is located in the online Track and Trace system.

In the event that the courier does not reach you at the given address, you will be informed by an SMS message and the next attempt at delivery will be made automatically on the 3rd and 5th day of delivery. If you agree with the courier by phone, the shipment will be delivered immediately the next  day after an unsuccessful delivery attempt.

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Při nákupu maturitních produktů nad 3 999 Kč máte dopravu a platbu zdarma.

Payment condition

Bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer is possible if you choose GLS or UNYP reception. 

After ordering the goods, you will receive more detailed payment instructions by e-mail specified in the order.

When the ship the shipment on the day of production or on the day when the amount is credited to our bank account (if the order has already been produced).

Bank ccount number is: 2400234948/2010.

Cash on delivery

Payment by cash on delivery is only possible if you choose the GLS Express Package shippint method. The order is paid upon receipt of the package from a GLS emplyee upon receipt of the package in cash or by payment card.

Cash on delivery is very fast in terms of logistics and we recommend choosing it for urgent orders.